RGG Capital offers services to Russian and international companies providing either separate stages or a complete process of M&A transaction. Results of the services provided by RGG Capital are illustrated by several case-studies.
Business sale

Profesional implementation of business sale's transaction is carried out on a case-by-case basis, considering individual chracteristics of clients. Within one project the company offers a comprehensive list of activities. Starting with a strategy development, depending on a type of potential investors, the team continues with a business valuation, proper reasonnig of the price. The project is continued with an investor identification and a conduction of a negotiation, sufficiently representing the Clients' interests.

Business acquisition    

The RGG Capital company offers professional services of public and private M&A transactions,  substantially standing out due to its gained experience and full-fledged expertise in the area of corporate acquisitions. The compnay offers a complete support of the transaction, starting from a selection of potential objects for M&A, located all over the world, untill a strategy development for a a successful integration and great synergies and efficiencies' achievement.

Business development

The RGG Capital company offers an integrated support in business development searching business partners among the companies from the EU, Russia and CIS countries. A key to success is a presence of partner and expert networks in many countries, along with understanding of the specifics of european and russian markets, deep industry expertise in a variety of economic activities, close cooperation with russian and european business-associations.