Case studies performed by RGG Capital demonstrate the consultant team's professionalism and competencies.
Case 1. Business sale
Sell-side service for a Russian housing equipment company 

RGG Capital participated in the negotiation process on the M&A transaction with a foreign manufacturer of lifting equipment. 


The transaction involved the acquisition of 100% Russian business.


Case 2. Market research
Market research of Russian dynamic regions for energy company

RGG Capital was in charge of developing a comprehensive methodology to determine, rank, select Russian clusters with a high economic potential. 


Additionally, the chosen clusters should be had to host industrial enterprisers with large energy consumption. 

  • Improvement of the client’s financial literacy and his preparation
    for complex negotiations;

  • Deal closure in 7 months from the beginning of work with the client;

  • Signing of a shareholders' agreement with a 30% premium to
    the customer’s business compared to the initial purchaser’s price.

  • Creation of customized ranking model of all subjects of the Russian Federation, except those located East of the Urals and in the North Caucasus region;

  • Interviews with experts that bring their expertise in order to optimize the ranking, methodology and fine-tune the region economic forecast.

  • Detailed description of 12 clusters selected by the client that completely satisfied all stated needs and criteria.

Case 3. Business development
Search for industrial sites for a manufacturing company

RGG Capital provided a complex support in the search of industrial sites for a CIS engineering company. The aim was to create a joint venture with a Russian partner and localize production facilities. 

The main objective was to establish contacts and support the process of negotiations regarding future JV.


Case 4. Fundraising
Fundraising services for a Russian oilfield service company

RGG Capital was in charge of raising equity financing for a Russian provider of services related to the oilfield development. 

Range of services included a building of financial model with further business valuation, preparation of investment documents, protection of client's interests during negotiations.

  • Identification of machine-building companies with special production requirements, valuation of its financial performance, and ranking by industrial fit;

  • Analysis and assessment of synergies and risks from the partnership;

  • Elaboration of a business plan for a JV with a local partner.

  • Evaluation of the investment project, and indicators of its financial effectiveness;

  • Determination of the external funding required, and the company’s 

    share to be proposed to the investor;

  • Acquisition of a minority stake by the Russian investor.