Case 4. Market research
Market research of Russian dynamic regions for energy company

RGG Capital developed a comprehensive methodology to identify, rank and select clusters in Russia with a strong economic potential, and which host industrial enterprisers with large energy consumption. 

Stage 1

Perform a ranking of all Subjects of the Russian Federation except Subjects located East of the Urals and in the North Caucasus region 

  • Definition and validation with client of research and ranking methodologies

  • Creation of customized ranking model in MS Excel 

  • Interviews with experts who will bring their expertise in optimizing the ranking methodology and fine-tuning regional economic forecast

15 most actively developing regions will be classified as “dynamic”

Stage 2

Identify clusters with a strong potential on the territory of the 15 dynamic regions

Stage 3

Detailed description of the 12 clusters selected by the client, including a general description of each cluster

  • Identification of long list of clusters according to the client’s requirements

  • Criteria selection and ranking of clusters based on their industrial, demographic and economic characteristics

  • Interviews with experts in order to optimize ranking methodology and verify regional and economic forecasts

  • Preparation of customized clusters’ reports according to the client’s requirements

Preliminary short-list of 20 clusters

Finalized description of 12 selected clusters 

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